Thursday, 24 July 2014

Frankie goes to Oliwood

Once in a while i am going to upload posts (mostly photos) about traveling and, more importantly, about people. To travel, even more so when it's driven by gastronomical interest, is in first place a matter of meeting people, know their stories. Those stories are going to tell me everything i need to know about a certain culinary tradition, especially when this tradition is embraced and loved with such pure passion as it's done by Maria. Together with her husband Erik and their two kids, they moved from Slovakia to Vicopisano, near Pisa, and they created Oliwood, a little gem on the Tuscan hills. They make an amazing extra virgin olive oil and Maria cooks using herbs and fruits of her garden (speak of "zero miles").

I spent a week there with family and friends and i had the pleasure to cook together with Maria: she's got such love for italian cuisine and for the quality of basic ingredients that i forgot that she wasn't born and raised in Tuscany. Of some of the dishes we prepared together i am going to post the recipe on this blog in the future. For the moment enjoy the vibe of Oliwood.

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