Wednesday, 2 April 2014

Spring BBQ or the importance of family, friends and good food

When i was a kid one of my favorite moments during springtime were the saturdays and sundays' family (or friends) reunions. Spring begins early in Sardinia, the nature wakes up with amazing strenght and the whole island turn into a fragrant and colorful garden: herbs, flowers, trees... everything concurs to create a symphony which celebrates the miracle of life repeating itself over and over. In those reunions, which were taking place usually in the countryside and sometimes by the seaside, the plot was pretty much the same: women would cook, guys would take care of barbequeing and kids would run around getting messy and stuff. What was changing constantly was the number of the members of the family: every year there was the addiction of a new cousin or someone's new girlfriend to widen the circle of the family. The "clou", of course, was the lunch... and those lunches, they were something: the freshest, tastiest ingredients you can think of and all the "family cooks" competing to make the best possible meals. It was a real feast, and the keyword of all this was Love. Those reunions were a way,  through the celebration of food, to celebrate and reinvigorate the bounding of the family and our friends,  to pass on knowledge to the new generations, initiate them to the importance of conviviality, sharing and, last but not least, good food prepared with love.
Back then, as a boy, i took all those things for granted, they just seemed normal. Now that i became a father, and i live in a different country, i appreciate the importance of those kind of reunions. 
During the first spring weekend we had few friends over, some with kids, some planning to have kids... The feeling was just the same i had during those reunions back in Sardinia: we talked about raising our little ones, about ways of cooking healthier food (and when you have among those friends Marketa Pavleye the discussion gets very interesting) and, when few bottles of wine were opened, how to make this world a better place... and the keyword, once again, was Love.

By the way, if you are wondering what we cooked that day, here's a list with links for the recipes:

Linguine with olives Taggiasche, capers and breadcrumbs

Rack of lamb with herbs sous-vide

Sea salt seared shrimps

Sea bass and sea bream sous-vide

Thank you Marketa Pavleye for the great pics

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  1. Frenkie, such a beautifull words you wrote! Thank you so much!