Wednesday, 4 June 2014

Sous-vide entrecote

Elias, my 8 months old son, is growing 4 beautifully sharp teeth.  So, since we are making sure that he eats virtually anything, i decided to get some great looking beef entrecote and work on it the magics of Sous-Vide cooking. I thought that if he's going to taste meat for the first time should be juicy, tasty, tender, full of proteins and fragrant. That is exactly what sous-vide tecnique is able to achieve with great meat. You can totally control the doneness of the meat, getting an evenly medium rare piece of delicious beef with the aroma of spring herbs.
A fresh salad as a side dish (in this case is just toasted pine nuts and pumpkin seeds, some cucumber, sun dried tomatoes, spring onions, fresh mint and radishes) and we got a fantastic dinner, of astonishing simplicity.


280 gr beef entrecote





lemon balm


5 gr  farmer's butter

Maldon smoked salt flakes

freshly ground pepper


Preheat the Sous-Vide supreme to 56,5 c. In a pouch place the entrecote steak, previously seasoned with freshly ground pepper. Add some butter and the herbs. Vacuum seal and place it in the water oven for up to 6 hours. 
Preheat a pan, remove the steak from the pouch and sear for 30 seconds each side, season with the salt flakes and a drop of EV olive oil.
You can also pour the juices left in the pouch onto the hot pan and let it reduce to create a sauce to add to the steak when serving.

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