Thursday, 15 May 2014

Perfect burger as a melting pot experience

One of the things i like the most about making your own burger is that you can play with it and you have virtually endless options: from the seasoning of the meat to the consistence of the bun, from the type of sauce to the garnishing of the burger. Prague has seen quite few quality burger joints opening in the last couple of years, and some butchers are offering excellent burger patties ready to be grilled. 
From time to time i am going to have fun with combinations and alternatives to the classic burger, exploiting my passion for quality street food. 
This one was a combination which has been highly appreciated ( i did not make the burger patty, i bought it from a great butchery) and i like to think of it as a melting pot of ingredients:

Ground beef from Czech raised animals, handpicked by an English gentleman

Perfect buns made in Czech by a passionate "home baker"

Guanciale ( pork cheek), a very typical Italian preparation made by a Czech girl with passion for quality meat and Italy

Red onions from Tropea, south of Italy

Goat cheese from Sardinia

Macedonian Lutenica...

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